Lockets & Jewelry



We have a large range of lockets that you can place a small amount of ash in and keep with you at all times. Stainless steel lockets $49.95.

This quality crafted Stainless Steel, pendant has been designed to hold a token amount of your beloved pets ashes. Hold your pet close to your heart, keeping the memories alive forever.

Chains are only included with SOME pendants not all.

Stainless Steel is a rugged alloy, which means it’s durable and almost indestructible. Your beautiful jewellery will not discolour, or tarnish and is hypoallergenic and both lead and nickel free. This makes it the perfect choice when choosing jewellery for your beloved pet’s ashes. We really feel the quality and benefits of Stainless Steel.  Our Cremation Pendants are engrave-able and are designed to hold a token of your beloved pet’s ashes. Each pendant has a screw in device at the top, bottom or side which allows you to transfer the ashes and keep them secure. We recommend you permanently sealing the screw in thread afterwards with glue in order to keep it waterproof. You cannot wear your pendant in the shower and like any special jewellery, it’s important to take great care at all times.