Brass Paw Print Memorial Urns (Gold)



These impeccable brass urns display paw prints that walk around or up the urn making it the ideal resting place for your fallen companion. A Pet Urn that will surely honour the bond you shared with your furry four-legged friend.

  • The Paw Print Vase Urns are a lovely way to capture the memory of your best friend for a lifetime.
  • Paw Print Urns are true works-of-art that are hand forged from brass and  the paw prints walking around the urn are hand carved by skilled artisans.
  • Gold Paw Urn only available.
  • Small  $69.00 + $369.00 = $438.00
  • Medium $79.00 + $369.00 = $448.00
  • Large $95.00 + $369.00 = $464.00